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Ann and Steve Toon

Spotting Toons: a concise guide

Identification: Cryptic coat of browns and greens. Belly often streaked with dung or guano. Bare parts paler in Northern Hemisphere winter, turning brown during migration to Southern Hemisphere.

Habits: Most active around dawn and dusk. Often seen skulking in cover, usually in pairs. Tame when not molested.

Habitat: Favours desert and semi-desert. Also savanna grassland, acacia thornveld.

Vocalisation: Low, muttered: ‘Didugerrit?’ Querulous repetitive: ‘mistitdammit’. Trumpeted: ‘gorrit!’ (rarely).

Food: Will eat almost anything. Predominantly subsistence diet of red meat, tinned food, Windhoek lager and gin and tonic when in bush, but known to exhibit parasitic behaviour in rest camps and other populated areas.

Distribution: Dens in Northumberland, UK. Regular migrant to Southern Africa. Occasional visitor to East Africa, India, Australia, South East Asia.

About Ann and Steve Toon

We're UK-based wildlife photojournalists with a specialist interest in Africa – its wildlife and wild places. We enjoyed successful careers in magazine journalism before becoming photographers so have lots of experience putting together high quality packages of pictures and words for a target market.

Our extensive editorial work, published worldwide, covers a range of subjects including travel, natural history, conservation and photography. We're represented by a number of leading specialist nature and generalist photographic libraries, but we also sell images direct through our online image database and are happy to discuss individual requirements with clients. We have written and illustrated three books; two on wildlife photography, and one natural history title on rhinos. We also enjoy running photo workshops and are excited to be offering African photo safaris with superb photographic oopportunities.

Our adventures in photography started after a visit to the Kalahari while on sabbatical from our nine-to-five existence in London. We've never looked back and the Kalahari remains one of our favourite places. When we're not in the wild with our cameras you can find us at home on the edge of Kielder Forest in the heart of Northumberland National Park.

Latest awards:

Our portfolio of images of M*A*S*H-style wild elephant vasectomies won an IUCN bursary in the prestigious Melvita nature awards 'mankind and nature' photojournalism category.

Ann photographing rhinos

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Success with Wildlife Photography

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